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1 cup chopped Garlic cloves – cover with 2 cups of pure olive oil. Let sit for 7 days. Shake daily. Strain oil into a bottle (dark glass) with a top and store in a cool place or refrigerate.
Applications: 2-3 drops in the ear is excellent for ear infections. For lung or stomach infections, mouth sores, skin infections or rashes use 2-3 times a day.

1 Grapefruit
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 Orange
1 tsp Lemon Essential Oil
1 tsp Lime Essential Oil
1 tsp Eucalyptus Essential Oil
3 Cups Distilled Water

Peel all fruit except the lemon. Do not peel the lemon. Cut to blend. Blend and strain.

Applications: Fruit/Vegetable wash, Wound Care, Sore Throat Spray, Breath Freshener, Disinfectant, Room Deodorizer.

Nature’s Penicillin can be used effectively for the following purposes: colds, flu, sore throat, infections, respiratory problems, and a general immune system strengthener. It is simple and inexpensive to make. The recipe and how to use it is listed below.

1 Grapefruit
1 Orange
2 Lemons
3 Cloves of Garlic
1/2 large onion
3 drops of peppermint oil

Place in blender cut up pieces of onion, garlic and thoroughly washed fruit – rind and all. If necessary, add just enough water – a little at a time – so that the mixture turns in the blender and is thick and creamy. If fruit is rolled before cut up, water may not be necessary. Fold in Peppermint Oil at the end. Pour into a glass jar with lid and keep refrigerated until use. For an adult take one cup a day. For a child 5 - 12 years take 1/2 cup a day. This amount is not taken all at once but a spoonful at a time, warmed up, periodically throughout the day. To warm up, place amount to be taken in a glass container and set in a saucepan with hot water.

Medicinal value of each item used:

Grapefruit: High in Vitamin C which is an immune system strengthener. Grapefruit is valuable as it aids the body in eliminating poisons. The rind of the grapefruit is a natural source of quinine and a good source of Vitamin C

Orange: High in Vitamin C and A. Also contains high amounts of potassium and a good amount of calcium and phosphorus, known to decrease excess mucus from the head and nose. Useful in cases of respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and also asthma, high blood pressure and rheumatism

Lemon: Contains Vitamin B, C, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Phosphorus. Lemons are a natural antiseptic, helpful in destroying harmful bacteria in areas of infection. Because of its Vitamin C content, it again acts as an immune system builder, especially beneficial to the liver, an important organ of elimination. Lemon is also beneficial because it is alkaline forming in body

Garlic: Contains Vitamin B, C, Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus, Garlic is one of the most beneficial foods for the digestive system and has a positive effect on the lymph, aiding in the elimination of toxic waste matter in the body It is also a useful cleanser of the blood. It is a natural antibiotic and therefore very valuable in strengthening the immune system.

Onion: Contains Vitamin A, Thiamine, Iron, Niacin, and Calcium. Onions have antiseptic qualities. They help drain mucus from the sinus cavities and loosen phlegm. They will also help destroy worms and other parasites in the body Recommended in cases of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and colds.

Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil brings oxygen into the blood stream. It cleanses and strengthens the entire body.

1 cup pitted prunes
2 tablespoon flaxseeds
3 cups unsweetened prune juice
Blend together in a blender. Take 1 – 2 cups per day as needed until desired results are achieved.

8 oz Vaseline or non petroleum jelly
7 Tbs. 90,000 HU cayenne
3 Tbs. Ginger powder
1 tsp. Peppermint oil
1 tsp. Wintergreen oil
For bone, muscle, joint pain; increased circulation. Mix thoroughly in large glass bowl until smooth. Store in a glass container with lid out of sunlight. Apply topically on area, rubbing in thoroughly until disappears. Don’t apply on open sores or irritated skin. Caution: wash hands thoroughly; do not get in eyes.

¾ cup fresh lemon juice
¼ cup honey
1/3 tsp. peppermint oil
Mix together in a glass container. Not designed to stop smoking, but to decrease the urge. Take 1 Tablespoon every time the urge strikes. Do not swallow immediately, but swish around in mouth and savor before swallowing.

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