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In our literature you will find:

  • Simple language to help you understand the nature and causes of each disease.
  • GOD'S PLAN to help restore health
  • Detailed information to help you apply GOD'S PLAN
  • A 21 day program suited to the unique condition
  • A daily schedule to establish a routine
  • GOD'S PLAN basic menu
  • Practical instruction that will empower you to change old habits
GOD'S PLAN Cookbook
GOD'S PLAN Arresting Allergies
GOD'S PLAN Taking the 'Itis' out of Arthritis
GOD'S PLAN The Battle of the Bulge
GOD'S PLAN The Answer to Cancer
GOD'S PLAN for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
GOD'S PLAN for Disarming Diabetes
GOD'S PLAN for Fibroids
GOD'S PLAN for High Blood Pressure - The Silent Killer

To order the above health books or to obtain our complete catalog call: (731)986-3518

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