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Bible Training - The life and teachings of Jesus, Bible doctrines, the three angels' messages, righteousness by faith, how to study the Bible, how to give Bible studies

The Principles and Application of GOD'S PLAN - The study of Biblical principles of the medical missionary work and the therapeutic value and application of the eight laws of health; The fundamental principles which distinguish heaven's approved health plan from the New Age and conventional plans; The principles of true education

Understanding the Creator's Masterpiece - The Biblical concepts of vital force and life itself, basic anatomy and physiology with special emphasis on cell biology, digestion, the immune system, the seven channels of elimination.

God's Plan for the Preservation and Restoration of Health - An understanding of disease, its causes, prevention and restoration of health using GOD'S PLAN.

Christian Life-Style Consulting - Medical terminology, basic health assessment techniques including basic symptom assessment and how to determine the cause of a condition - the preparation necessary to become a professional Christian life-style consultant.

God's Nutritional Plan - The elements of nutrition and the principles that govern their proper use; the Biblical classification of foods

Nature's Rational Remedies - The principles and application of nature's remedial agencies such as herbs and foods; the systematic approach to herbs with a variety of preparations such as poultices, tinctures, etc.

Hydrotherapy - Hydrotherapy, massage and their application to various health conditions

Medical Missionary Home Health Care - The principles of ministry to the sick in their homes or at a homelike health facility
In addition to classroom instruction, the students participate in work assignments and receive hands on training through our health center, applying the principles they learn. Furthermore, we offer a work program that provides training in practical lines such as food preparation, maintenance, office work, natural farming and more.

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