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The COST for your
Medical Missionary Education

Sound interesting? Sound like something you'd like to do? Then maybe this course is for you. Remember, this course is not for everyone. It is intense and requires a good constitution as well as an adaptable, humble, teachable spirit; people with a courageous desire to work as the Great Medical Missionary has commissioned. The cost of the course, which is held annually March through June of each year is $5,000. This covers tuition, room and board. An additional cost of approximately $300.00 for books plus a non refundable $100.00 application fee is required. Still interested? You can click HERE to download an application from this web site (PDF document) or you can contact M.E.E.T. for more information. Your application must be completed and returned along with the $100.00 nonrefundable application fee by January 6, 2014.

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